Coolant used in metaworking


designed  for  cleaning  coolants

used in metal processing!


= clean work environment

+ real savings!


Tramp Oil Separator  ECO-4_front view

THE ECO-4 SEPARATOR is an environmentally friendly product which very efficiently removes oil and other impurities from coolant, which not only considerably extends the coolant life but also reduces replacement and disposal costs significantly. 


COOLANT  flow through the separator is forced by a membrane pump powered by compressed air, so there is no need to connect the device to electricity.


THE SEPARATOR is manufactured of stainless steel, and being portable allows its usage at multiple machines, and it operates in a "by-pass" mode so it can be used without interrupting the operation of the machine (lathe, VMC, etc.).


DIRTY coolants are ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that are responsible for the unpleasant odour and which increase the risk of machine operator infections. These problems can also be solved by using the ECO-4 SEPARATOR to clean coolant systems regularly as part of your preventative maintenance program.

Tramp Oil Separator ECO-4_inside with separation module visible
Membrane pump
Filter-reductor for compressed air
Drain valve with camlock coupling
Tramp Oil Separator ECO-4_rear view

Proven polypropylene separation module used in over 8 000 units working worldwide!


Why use the ECO-4 Separator:

  • Cleans coolant from oil and solid contaminants

  • Extends tools life and improves parts quality

  • Reduces the formation of oil mist

  • Helps prevent unpleasant odours and risk of infaction

  • Increases service life of coolants

  • Reduces fluid replacement/disposal costs

  • Dimensions:

    • heights (with wheels)                 102 cm

    • length                                        90 cm

    • width                                         50 cm

  • Weight (fully equipped)                     89 kg

- Connecting hoses are equipped with quick-couplings.

- Supports for hoses can be freely configured in different positions.

- An efficient suction system thanks to floating elements collects dirt from the surface of the coolant.


Separator additionally can be equipped with the flow-through UV Sterilizer!


  • Throughput                             150 - 450 l/h

  • Working temperature                <60

  • Allowed pH                               5 - 9,5 pH

  • Air pressure                              3 - 6 bar

  • Pre-filter                                  300 μm

  • Canister for separated oil           25 litrów


Key features:

  • Mobile and compact, may be used with multiple machines

  • Equipped with pre-filter for solid particles

  • Proven coalescence separation module

  • Diaphragm pump powered by compressed air

  • Simple in use, low maintenance

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